Ms. Indu Agnihotri founded Center Grove Montessori in 2007. After spending decades working with young children, she decided to open her own school.

“What impressed me the most was the children in a Montessori room, happy, peaceful and engaged profoundly. I believe that Montessori education supports a young child to unfold into a responsible, compassionate, and confident human adult.”

Upon being introduced to the Montessori pedagogy in the early 1980’s, Indu immediately felt close and comfortable with it. The philosophy was something she felt was missing in her prior five years of traditional teaching and Indu gradually began to incorporate it into her personal life. This grew naturally into a lifestyle; one she is proud to continue to this very day.

Since starting in a basement of a church with only eight students, Center Grove Montessori has now grown into its own building and continues to serve the community of south-central Indiana.


Ms.Holly has been with Center Grove Montessori for over 14 years and has been certified by the American Montessori Society as an instructor for children 2 ½ – 6 years of age.  She holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism/Communications from Ohio University and continues to be an avid adult learner.  Holly has presented at conferences locally and in Tennessee in an effort to share her classroom experiences with her Montessori colleagues

As well as teaching in the Oak Room, Holly will be transitioning to the Head of School role during the 2023-2024 school year.

“I have been an ardent supporter of the Montessori method and philosophy since my children were in preschool. I found such peace and happiness watching children learn and grow in this environment as a parent volunteer, that I decided to become more involved as a trained guide as well as a Montessori advocate for teaching children with respect and love to establish communities of giving and caring individuals.”

Prior to starting her Montessori Guide, 3-6 training at the Center for Guided Montessori Studies, Ms. Suja was a CGM parent and volunteer.

Miss Suja grew up in Kerala, India and currently resides in Bargersville.

Suja became involved in Montessori when she had enrolled my younger one in CGM through a friend’s reference in 2016. The classroom environment and the teacher interaction attracted her to the Montessori program.

“I love interacting with children especially as it helps me to become a better human being. The philosophy respects each kid’s uniqueness along with giving emphasis on caring for each other and for nature. As we learn from the children and observe their learning, we can then become better human beings in our journey ahead.”

Suja has a bachelor’s degree in Costume Design and a masters in Knitwear design and technology from NIFT, a reputed college in India.

‘The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence’. – Dr. Maria Montessori “



Ms. Pam majored in elementary education and special education at Indiana University Bloomington.  She then spent 10 years as a 5th/6th-grade special education teacher before deciding to stay home with her boys when they were little. She is passionate about supporting students in their reading development and has an immense appreciation for the Montessori Philosophy for all ages. She enjoys being the elementary classroom at CGM!

“Montessori education is everything that I know to be best practice with children. Hands-on. Choices. Guidance. Love. I will forever choose this for my family.”



Each of our classrooms are staffed with a lead guide and an assistant.
Our administration team is comprised of the School Owner, Head of School and Montessori Curriculum Director.  


Ms. K’trina, Primary Assistant

Prior to becoming the classroom assistant in the Oak Room, Miss K’trina was a CGM parent and volunteer. She was born and raised in Indiana and her son remains in our elementary program. While juggling her duties as parent and assistant, K’trina will also continue with her training to complete her 3-6 certification as a Montessori Guide from Seton Montessori Institute. She is looking forward to taking over the role of lead teacher in the Oak Room beginning in the 24-25 academic year!

“After having my son Carson, I deep dived into the best education possible for him and the world of Montessori and the philosophy really felt like the perfect fit for our family and it most definitely is! After researching for the best Montessori school locally, CGM was on the top of that list and I swore he would attend that school when he was of age! ”

“Working with children keeps me grounded and reminds me of the simple joys of and in life. Their ability to find wonder in everyday and their capacity for building authentic connections is something I truly cherish. Being a positive influence during their formative years is such an honor I hold close to my heart, and it’s what continues to drive the passion I have for this rewarding field. ”


Ms. Sarah, Primary Assistant

Miss Sarah has transitioned in the past year from CGM parent and volunteer to assistant for the Maple Room. Her daughter remains in our elementary program.

Sarah has lived in Indiana since moving here from Arkansas with her family when she was 12. She was attracted to Montessori after doing research into various educational philosophies.

“I was originally looking for a school that would be a good fit for my daughter, and later found that I really enjoyed spending time in a Montessori classroom. I started with volunteering, and it wasn’t long before I began working in a classroom and attending trainings.”

Sarah has experience in both Toddler and Primary Montessori environments.

“I love seeing and hearing the imaginative mind of kids at work! This is often when they show the most kindness (creating with others in mind) and when their personalities really shine. Their fresh perspective on the world often leads to the sweetest and funniest comments about daily life, and it’s a pleasure to witness.”

Sarah received my B.A.’s  in Sociology and Comparative Religion at Purdue University. In 2019 I completed UMSI’s Montessori Fundamentals Training Series, and attended their conference entitled “Deepening Your Montessori Practice”. I look forward to continuing my Montessori education!

Sarah’s favorite charities to donate to include local food banks like the Little Free Pantry,, and


Ms. Jenny, Elementary Assistant

Miss Jenny has also transitioned from CGM parent and volunteer to assistant for the Tulip Room. Her daughter participated in our primary program and remains in our elementary classroom.  Jenny has lived  in Germany, Ohio, and has resided in the Greenwood area for the last 14 years. Her Montessori journey began when she stumbled onto Montessori on accident while looking for an affordable preschool option for my daughter.

“I fell in love with the philosophy and pedagogy almost immediately upon starting my research. As someone who struggled in public school, the idea that children deserve as much respect and trust as any adult was a lightbulb moment for me. My love for Montessori only deepened as I watched my own child grow into an independent, creative, and self-confident child, in an environment full of adults who accepted her completely as she was. The guides have always been very sensitive and responsive to her needs as a neurodivergent child, and it shows!”

Jenny currently holds an AAS in Human Services/Social Work from Ivy Tech Community College.  She will be going back to school in January of 2024 to start my BA in Elementary Education Studies, and plans to pursue my AMS certification afterwards. Jenny has also worked for the nonprofit Girls Who Code as a teaching assistant for their virtual summer immersion program, where she taught high school girls how to code.


Mx. Bee, Primary Assistant and Aftercare

Mix Bee has joined our CGM community as both parent and pm assistant/aftercare staff. They were born in Indiana, and grew up between Indiana, Georgia and Alabama. Bee is new to Montessori and very excited to learn and grow from their experience here.

“I love the Montessori method because it encourages children to be confident, free-thinking problem solvers and effective communicators. What I love the most about working with children is their fearless self expression and presence in the moment.”

Bee is an active member in their community by helping to distribute resources and build relationships.

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