What Parents Say About CGM

Our community of children, parents and caregivers is very important to us, we are thankful for all of them!  -Center Grove Montessori 


“We chose Center Grove Montessori because we knew how wonderful Ms. Indu was with our children. The einvironment is so calm while inviting our child to explore his environment. An environment that is filled with a great variety of wonderful experiences and information. We could not be more happy with our child’s progress and development of a curiosity that will hopefully last a lifetime.”
-Michelle and TJ C.

My son attended Center Grove Montessori for three years, all the way through Kindergarten. He had been at another school prior to CGM, but I was looking for something with a more academic, well-rounded, and supportive atmosphere. I couldn’t have found a better fit than CGM! I saw my son develop from a shy boy into a socially confident, intellectually curious, independent young man. I love the wide array of activities that the school exposes the children to – international customs, gardening, yoga, music, and art among others, all while keeping them academically challenged in math, science, reading, etc. He has come home excitedly talking about raising money for kids in Haiti who don’t have as much to eat as him, and he has come home excitedly talking about how he and his friends worked together to cook a Friday lunch. We are moving to a new city this summer, so unfortunately, we cannot continue on with CGM. We are so sad to leave such a wonderful school, but we are so happy with the incredible foundation that it has provided for my son along with a lifetime worth of memories and friendships for both my son and for me!
– Sumi M.

“As the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, I was well aware that a traditional preschool environment, where all the children do the same thing at the same time, and individual inquiry was frowned upon, just wasn’t going to work for him. I had heard great things from my sister about how my nieces loved Montessori decades ago and a friend here told me that her son with Asperger’s really blossomed at a Montessori school, so I sought one out. None were anywhere near where I lived, but when I found Center Grove Montessori, I fell in love with it. He’s a very smart child and here he was given the freedom to learn and explore on his own, with guidance from the teachers and his friends at school. Respect for others is tantamount so he was valued as much as the other children and given the freedom to choose what he wanted to participate in and what he didn’t. It was WELL WORTH the half-hour drive each way every day.”
-Rae K.

“Center Grove Montessori provides the rare opportunity for children to attend a quality preschool that focuses on the child, the child’s skills, and the community of children that comprise the school. This approach emphasizes the individual child’s importance, while teaching the skills needed not only for school but also for a child to grow into a successful member of their community. We especially appreciate the emphasis on learning about different people and cultures, and the child’s role in a global community. This is all the more valuable in Indianapolis, where there are few options for academic-oriented preschools outside of the 71st St. area and strong criticism of most local public school options.  Even after choosing Center Grove Montessori, we have been continually impressed and amazed at the degree to which children thrive in this school. From communal meals to highly anticipated art shows, the teachers at Center Grove Montessori have repeatedly demonstrated what quality care and education can be. Our child has benefited tremendously from this, and has shown as well what the product of such compassion is — a bright, eager child who looks forward to school, friends, and learning with enthusiasm and delight.”
-Sarah J.

“Our daughter’s education has always been a high priority. When it came time to find a school for Sarah to attend we set about looking for a place to meet Sarah’s needs. After some research, we decided that Montessori “fit.” Sarah is a curious, independent child, as are all children. Montessori provides the appropriate atmosphere for the development of a child’s natural curiosity with guidance. She has flourished. We are constantly amazed at her knowledge and excitement. She is aware of things that we as children never even considered. We chose Center Grove Montessori for its size and location. Ms. Indu has also proven to be a committed and loving directress. Her devotion and passion for children convinced us that this was the place for Sarah.”
-Jama and Michael M.

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