Letter from CGM Owners:

“We regret to announce that the much-awaited toddler program at Center Grove Montessori will be put on hold indefinitely.
Our community had been expressing a need for a high-quality toddler program for several years. We listened and started working on the project in 2019. 
A lot of time, effort, and money has been spent by so many towards planning teacher training, administrative responsibilities, and beautiful new environment. We tried to lease space off-site temporarily, which did not work for the fire authorities.
We’ve exhausted all of our options and at this time, we sadly do not see this progressing in a positive direction due to the stringent functioning/requirements of the City of Greenwood and Fire authorities.
We appreciate the response from our community and are truly honored to feel the trust, patience, and tenacity of our Willow room parents. Additionally, we’d like to commend our staff and administration at CGM for their continued support, understanding, and communication with our parents.
Although we are unable to proceed with the toddler program at this time, we would like to stress that this effort will be ongoing; we hope to revisit this situation in the future with the hopes of picking up where we’ve left off.”
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The following program is to be re-evaluated in upcoming years based on support from City of Greenwood.

The Willow Room: Our program will serve children 18-months to 3-years of age.
The following is the proposed schedule for the Willow room revised 7.2021. This schedule is subject to change based on enrollment at the beginning of each school year and the needs of enrolled families.
Drop off will be 8:15 to 8:30 am
Half-Day pickup will be 11:15 to 11:30 am
Full-Day pickup will be 3:15 to 3:30 pm
*Extended care is not available at this time.
Maria Montessori knew that children at this age are experiencing more rapid brain growth than at any other time. We look forward to offering an authentic Montessori environment where your child will have the space to develop language, become a part of their own community, and learn to learn for life.
Our program will be an introduction to the Montessori environment and help to provide a smooth transition into our primary classroom.
Overview of the Toddler Curriculum
In the toddler classroom, children are introduced to the Montessori program through a variety of hands-on activities in a prepared environment with an emphasis on language development and independence, including mastery of the toileting process. Classroom activities incorporate aspects of home life such as food preparation, cleaning and gardening.
Practical life activities – Children learn to take care of themselves and their environment through activities such as hand washing, sweeping, dusting, taking care of plants, and mopping. These activities help toddlers learn to work independently, develop concentration, and prepare for later work in reading and math. Practical life skills are of great interest to young children and form the basis of later abstract learning. Lessons of grace and courtesy are practiced daily to help toddlers learn how to be considerate of others.
Language — Stories, fingerplays, singing, reading, and spontaneous conversation encourage both social and language skills.  New vocabulary is emphasized at every opportunity and helps the toddler succeed in classifying, comparing, and discovering relationships with and between things in their environment.
Math — Toddlers engage in mathematical thinking by exploring with their senses and engaging in sequencing activities. Time is introduced through consistent everyday routines that highlight before, after, today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Math activities include stacking and nesting cubes, blocks, puzzles, and sorting and counting materials.
Motor skills — Toddlers in a constant state of motion.  Our toddler environment is designed to enable children to move freely. Toddlers are refining both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are heightened through practical life activities such as pouring, sorting, etc. Gross motor skills are heightened in physical activities like climbing, balancing, running, dancing, and outdoor play.
Art — Art in the toddler classroom is done for the experience of the process, not the product. This means that different types of art exploration are available in the classroom at all times and children may choose to use it when it looks inviting to them. Easel painting, watercolor, gluing, and using scissors are a few of the options. Toddlers are able to use various materials to express creativity and to enhance fine motor skills.
Music — The primary goal of our music program is to introduce young children to music, movement, and rhythmic musical instruments. From early exposure to our music program, music appreciation and rhythm senses develop naturally.
For very young children, all-important learning takes place in the context of play. Play is an exploration in an attempt to develop a sense of mastery of the world. The goal of education in the Montessori toddler classroom is the development of skills necessary for a productive and fulfilling life of learning and kindness.
If you are interested in our program, please contact the office at [email protected] or call us at 317-883-0335.
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