Montessori Model United Nations Program

What is the MMUN Program at CGM?

Maria Montessori supported the work of the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations, as a forum where peace could be created. She recognized thatthe hope for peace lies in the education of children. Center Grove Montessori is excited to offer the Montessori Model United Nations program as an extra-curricular activity to 4th-6th grade students. This year long program includes weekly sessions where the students research and prepare for the culminating MMUN conference in NYC, Rome, Chicago or China in the winter or spring.

Visit the MMUN website to learn more about the program and organization.  You can check out a video recap from the 2018 conference here.


Meet the Teacher Coordinators:

Ms. Melissa is our Elementary Guide and has been in the classroom since 2001. She enjoys learning alongside the delegates about global issues and looks forward to each year with compelling topics and new and returning delegates.

Ms. Claire is the Director of Center Grove Montessori and enjoys supporting the MMUN program. She strongly believes in the MMUN program and its role in giving students the opportunity to better understand the larger world around them.


Center Grove Montessori and MMUN History:

2020 – MMUN conference in NYC. Delegates from The Gambia participating in the SOCHUM committee (the third committee in general assembly dealing with social, humanitarian and cultural issues).

2019 – Inaugural program year starting with two staff members attending Chicago MMUN conference to be trained as teacher coordinators.



How much does it cost to participate?

  • The cost of the program includes conference registration and fees, travel and food costs associated with the conference, miscellaneous spending for fundraising, clothing, and preparation supplies throughout the year. The conference fees and registration are based on the amount of delegates/chaperones attending and the location of conference. 


When does the program start and end?

  • The program starts in August of the current school year and ends with the MMUN conference of the students choosing. These conferences range from February-May. 


How much time does my child need to commit to the program?

  • Time commitment at a minimum is, 2 hours a week August-conference date as well as time at and travel to the final conference. There may be additional time needed for preparing for the conference or fundraising throughout the year.


What are the requirements for my student to participate in the program?

  • The student needs to be in good standing with their work in the classroom and show interest in and commitment to completing the program.


What are the topics the students research?

  • Relevant topics are taken directly from the United Nations’ agenda each year.


What is the MMUN conference that the students participate in at the end of the program each year?

  • From the MMUN website: “A unique experience based on a program which combines the scholarship and global citizenry of Model United Nations with the pedagogical insights of Maria Montessori. At our conferences, students aged 9-15 years old assume the role of either an ambassador or a Press Corps reporter. Because the committees and their relevant topics are taken directly from the United Nations’ agenda, the students become deeply engaged in critical and contemporary world issues. Moreover, the conferences are designed to meet the needs of each student at his or her current stage of development. By working to solve real-world issues in a developmentally-appropriate setting, students become active members of the world they will inherit as adults. MMUN strives to foster this process by providing more than just a UN simulation”



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